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something old, something green, some things to cherish, some things to leave behind

I often think about how lucky I am to have so wonderful people around me. You make me a better, richer and happier person. Each one of you has a special place in my heart.

Our session is about old things that you can’t get rid of and you should, about those sensations that do not make you happy any more but are difficult to abandon, about borders that should or shouldn’t be crossed…it isn’t always as simple as it may seem from the outside.

The predominant colour is green, maybe because Italians say “verde-speranza” (green means hope). What we want to say is: more green light for all our future plans!

Shearling PLEIN SUD (vintage), jeans ZARA, boots BOEMOS, t-shirt CALIFORNIA VINTAGE, belt vintage, green t-shirt PINKO, silk dress GUESS, tights PHILIPPE MATIGNON, sunglasses RAY-BAN, make up GUERLAIN, AVENE, DIOR, nail polish DIOR, bracelets STELLA Z, earrings SWAROVSKI, SODINI

make up & styling: Reina Irina
photography: Martina Velenik

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